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6547: Re: # 6543 - Florestal Responds to Simidor's Question (fwd)

From: Jmfloresta@aol.com

 Key Words: 2000 Elections

Daniel Simidor wrote: "The question then is why not turn the table and 
restart from scratch?"

Restarting from Scratch? We have been restarting from scratch since the 1804 
Declaration of Independence ( Coupe Tet, Boule Cayes = Decapitate and Burn 
Houses). The result is history. What Haiti needs now is stability of its 
institutions. What the politicians and the people of Haiti need to do is to 
find what they have in common, the love of Haiti or, shall I say, the only 
country where they can feel at home, and work towards reversing its decline. 
Instead of fighting for who controls power in Haiti, the people and 
politicians in Haiti shall fight instead for the higher goals that transcend 
personalities and special group interest. For that, you need not support any 
political party nor any politician in Haiti, as long as they respect the 
rules of law and the civil rights of the people of Haiti.