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6546: Re: 6543: Dorce to Simidor on ICIO (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/05/2001 7:08:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Karioka9@cs.com (Daniel Simidor) writes:

<<1. The less than 100 observers deployed by the ICIO's various organizations 
cannot independently vouch for the 60 to 65% voter participation claimed by 
the Lavalas party in the Nov. 26 elections. >>
<< Aristide, for lack of a credible alternative, is still the most popular 
 politician in Haiti today.  It follows that in order not to paralyze the 
 country another five years, the nation has to accept the bitter pill of his 
 deeply flawed victory.  >>
Do you see the paradox in your former and latter statements?  If you agree 
that Aristide is the most popular politician in Haiti today, why do you 
insist the numbers are off?  What if it were 62%?  The point is, he is the 
most popular politician and he won the election.   For the "nation" it is not 
a bitter pill.  For the few who covet power and control and are left out 
(because they refuse to cooperate) it is a bitter pill indeed.  
<<Either way, the country will be burrowing even deeper into the current shit 
The question then is why not turn the table and restart from scratch?>>
Are you advocating bloody revolution?  Because that is the only way to start 
from scratch.   If, however, you only want to have more elections, the 
outcome will be the same...each and every time.  

Acceptance will cool some of that anger.  Productivity and effectiveness are 
the keywords now.  Let's get moving in a positive direction.  Even Gore knew 
when to throw in the towel, and his situation stunk to heaven.  Look to the 
next election if you didn't like this one.  

Kathy Dorce~