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6554: Re 6535: Driver replies to Morse (fwd)

From: "Tom F. Driver" <tfd3@columbia.edu>

Richard Morse wrote:

    "When the Harlan County was sent back, the assasination of Malary was 
    an exclamation point that ended reconciliation. To prove that 
    reconciliation didn't exist, I believe, Antoine Izmery attended a church 
    service at Sacre Coeur Church in honor of the Saint Jean Boscoe 
    Massacre, at which point he was also killed."
You're right that all three of these 1993 events were part of an attempt to end 
any kind of reconciliation with Aristide and to forestall his return from exile.  
Malary was killed on October 14, the day after the Harlan County turn-back.   
The murder of Izmery, however, took place before, not after, this -- on 
September 11.  He was attending a Mass that he had helped arrange to 
celebrate the anniversary of the massacre at Aristide's parish, the Church of 
St. Jean Bosco.   The holding of such a Mass in 1993 was an act of defiance 
of the military dictatorship, and it was undertaken with full knowledge of the 
high risk it posed to its organizers.  Izmery was courageous.

Tom Driver

Tom F. Driver
New York City