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6557: Re: 6527: Re: Haiti now: Henrius (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

C. Henrius wrote:... "Haiti's biggest problem is her proximity to the United
> >>
Knowles wrote:...."I love the simplicity:.....................  What does it
do if people put the blame, and responsibility, on the US?"
C. Henrius wrote:.... "Since you like my simplicity of thinking, let me
answer this question in one word: "accountability"

and Martine Jean wrote:.....".the US has done nothing else but thwart this
effort by consistently supporting a reactionary
and violent minority in the country. Without the support of the US, the
minority in Haiti would not dare pursue or even outline their project of
forming an "alternative or parallele" government to counteract the
legitimate government of Aristide.

and Kathy Dorce wrote:.......".  I always wonder what it is that makes a
person reluctant to believe unsavory things about their own red, white and
blue government. History has all the information, if you care to look at

Whew!  Do I feel like I've crashed into a beehive!
We should drop this before Mr. Corbett cuts us off for squabbling. But it's
not personal, and I really appreciate your criticisms. Guess what? I don't
know everything. I don't even know much. I do defend the US - my country -
when I feel it is blamed unjustly. But it's a big place, has big power, and
many of its leaders seem unsympathetic towards the "3rd World" in general
(Haiti included but not exclusively).
Sometimes I do feel people blame the US for too much of Haiti's problems. (I
don't like the NY Yankees, either - too big, too much money, too much
power!)   Are we (USA) that evil?  With all the countries in the world for
the US to deal with (125 or more?) , why are we so interested in hurting or
controlling Haiti?  If they're right in blaming us, is there ever any hope
for Haiti?
Isn't it insulting to Haitians to say everything is the fault of the US?  If
things change for the better, since the US controls everything, can the US
then take all the credit?  By the way, some Haitians I've met seem to agree
with me.

But look, let's say, for the moment, it IS the USA's fault -  the
illiteracy, lack of jobs, poor justice system, lack of electricity, and so
on.  If we all agree on that much, we can stop squabbling and move on, so
we -
the 800 or 1000 people here on the Haiti Forum  -  can make our voices heard
in a positive way
to influence US policies, so the US is helping instead of hurting Haiti!
THAT would be really an accomplishment, and I'm all for it.   If we work
together  - get beyond debating among ourselves - we might have a voice,
make valid proposals, put forward strong ideas (to the State Department, I
guess) that would make a difference!

That's a challenge, folks!  If you want to send your ideas to me, I'll
manage your list and people can add their comments until we have some kind
of consensus. If you are Haitian, of course, your input should carry the
weight, for indeed it's wrong for Americans to 'mange' or dominate this

Phil Knowles