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From: Jean-Robert Cadely <cadelyj@fiu.edu>

The Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) at Florida International
University (FIU) will hold its 4th annual HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE from
July 9 - August 18, 2001. The thematic focus of the institute is "Haiti:
Language, Culture and Society." It will feature intensive introductory
language training as well as lectures and discussions on Haitian culture
and history. The institute offers the opportunity to develop knowledge
of Haitian Creole structure and gain a better understanding about the
past, present and future of Haiti, its culture and  society.

The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE is unique in that it takes place in Miami,
where there is a vibrant Haitian community and where the Creole language
is alive and well. Students will be in contact on a daily basis with
native speakers of Haitian Creole.

The program is open to regular and non-degree seeking students. It
includes three weeks (July 9 - 27) of two intensive courses - HAI
3213/Accelerated Haitian Creole and HAI 3500/5235/Haiti: Language and
Culture - which take place at FIU - University Park Campus in Miami and
an additional two weeks (August 3 - 18) of study and travel in Haiti/HAI
3370. Students may register for one or both portions of the program. The
Study Abroad component gives students hands-on experience of Haitian
life. In addition to attending lectures (2) at the State University of
Haiti conducted by Haitian scholars, students will transverse the
country from the southern to the northern coast. The itinerary includes:
Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and Cap-Haitien.The approximate cost of the
travel portion of this program is $1,500. This includes round trip air
transportation between Miami and Port-au-Prince, transportation within
the country, hotel accomodation and meals.

The HAITIAN SUMMER INSTITUTE focuses on Haiti through an
interdisciplinary approach. Guest speakers from FIU, University of
Florida (UF), the State University of Haiti and scholars from other
American universities will join the institute to lecture and conduct
discussions in various disciplines from environmental studies, religious
studies, political science, history, international relations,
sociolinguistics and literature. The institute takes place during the
Summer Term B. Students wishing to enroll may register in person, by
telephone, by e-mail, or on the web. A brochure and literature about the
institute are available upon request.


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See pictures from the Haitian Institute 2000: