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6594: New book: Voodoo Politics (fwd)

From: Martine Jean <alix3@hotmail.com>

I just wanted to share this with the people on the list. This is an 
introduction to "Voodoo Politics" by Lynn Garrison. YOu can read more of 
this on the book's website: voodoopolitics.com.

Fok ou aprann pou konprann.
You must learn to understand.
Creole Proverb

During February of 1986 Duvalier was sent into exile, replaced by a series 
of fiascos that have seen the nation slide steadily towards complete and 
total destruction. Now, it is still nothing like that reported by the media. 
They have suggested peace and normality where the nation has deteriorated 
into anarchy and chaos. Now the media suggests a fatally flawed election 
might be salvaged by a few tweaks in the counting process. While a five 
alarm fire guts Haiti our media friends admit existence of a small 
wastebasket blaze. The reporters of truth cannot reverse direction 180 
degrees without looking like total fools. So Haiti and its people must 
suffer for our stupidity. Actually, the business community continues to rape 
and plunder the nation?s lifeblood while the vast majority of Haiti?s nine 
millions exist outside of the Democratic process knowing only that the white 
man?s effort to democratize the nation has taken everything away.... their 
jobs, food, schools, ecology and finally Hope.

It would be useful to inject - verbatim - an August, 2000 State Department 
warning to Americans considering anything to do with Haiti

"The grave political, economic and social crisis buffeting Haiti for more 
than two years has consequences on the general conditions of security in the 
country. We have in fact noted in the past months a clear degradation of 
security (a rapid increase in settling accounts, armed attacks, petty 
thievery, break-ins...) That the efforts of the national police haven?t been 
able to control fully. This phenomenon.. which is not fully experienced in 
the capital - has begun also to affect visiting or resident foreigners. ?It 
is therefore wise to adjourn any visit to Haiti which isn?t necessary or an 
emergency case. Great discretion is recommended for people who, for one 
reason or another, must go to Haiti; they should especially take the 
precautionary measures. Avoid taking walks alone in the poorer neighborhoods 
and shantytowns, more especially around the port and airport of 
Port-au-Prince, and don?t attempt any walking around at night because of 
urban darkness. Avoid to travel by car at night on the roads to provincial 
towns and in the vicinity of the capital. Don?t wear any jewels and valuable 
objects, don?t display cameras and photographic equipment, and generally 
avoid to arouse envy. Abstain from all behavior that could be interpreted as 
provocative, arrogant or ostentatious; don?t photograph or film the people 
without first obtaining permission; generally avoid photographing extreme 
poverty stricken areas. Refuse any transactions dealing with street sales, 
especially of cigarettes and alcohol. Avoid gatherings of curiosity seekers 
and young strollers which could quickly turn into an uncontrollable mob. 
Decline invitations to unauthorized Voodoo ceremonies; don?t adventure out 
of town. Considering the extreme touchiness of the police agents when 
dealing with them, behave courteously, extremely cool, and fully respectful 
of local law; in the case of difficulty don?t hesitate to contact the 
embassy. In case of armed attack, it would be best not to resist. 
Considering recent incidents involving foreign luxury boats, it is strongly 
advised not to anchor in Haitian waters."

Sounds worse than Idi Amin?s Uganda.

>From 1980, through the Cedras period into October of 1994, I traveled alone 
- day or night, anywhere in Haiti without fear. No foreigner was ever in 
danger. The terrifying analysis by the State Department is the direct result 
of the Clinton/Gore Destruction of Haiti. During August of this year the 
Clinton State Department threatened international sanctions if the 
Aristide/Preval team maintained their refusal to rectify criminal results of 
the May 21 ballot that saw Aristide steal almost every elective office in 
the country - except the Presidency. Now Aristide played his ace. Any 
imposition of sanctions would be met by his immediate killing of US citizens 
throughout Haiti. Some 8,000 Americans live there. Aristide?s challenge was 
met with an instantaneous capitulation by the Clinton/Gore team. The 
American embassy promised there will be no sanctions.

With Cedras, when there was no danger to Americans, or anyone else, William 
Jefferson Clinton was a brave man. Now that a real ?threat to America?s 
national security interests? exists, the Clinton/Gore team tucks its tail 
and runs for cover, deserting 8,000,000 Haitians and all of the proclaimed 
moral principles that saw an unnecessary invasion of Haiti in 1994. At that 
time the Clinton/Gore duo mounted an operation that saw a Marxist-Leninist, 
anti-American, pro-Castro, thieving, murdering psychotic, manic-depressive, 
cocaine smuggling, defrocked priest returned to Haiti?s presidential palace. 
All of this in the name of that illusive philosophical concept - Democracy. 
Unless Aristide is indicted for his cocaine business, the game is 
effectively over. Aristide will grab the Presidency in November and the 
Clinton/Gore duo will have fathered the world?s first true 
Narco-Dictatorship to feed America?s demand for the white powder.

Hopefully, VOODOO POLITICS will give the reader some idea of how we have 
arrived at this disastrous situation, and what steps can be taken to save 
our small neighbor. These pages are my gift to the Haiti, a small repayment 
of the hospitality and friendship I found there.

Lynn Garrison,
Santa Monica, California,
August 21, 2000

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