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6598: Pina on 6587: As US isolates Aristide Haiti's wealthy pin hopes on Bush (fwd)] (fwd)

From: KEVIN PINA <kevinpina@usa.net>

"There is every indication that the second Aristide government will attempt 
to toe Washington's line even more obediently
than the first. While biding his time behind the walls of a mansion
during the Preval presidency, the ex-priest has cemented his ties
with various corrupt elements within the  Haitian elite, while his
connections with the masses of poor have grown  ever more distant.
Dwindling popular enthusiasm for Aristide was  reflected in the low
turnout in the recent election. While the government  claimed 60 percent
went to the polls, observers from the Caribbean  Community (CARICOM) put
it at less than 20 percent."

.....It is funny how much this "socialist" rag has in common with the New York
Times and other "mainstream" press regarding coverage of Haiti. Now we have
smear tactics being used by the self-anointed left who are merely repeating
what they have "heard" about Aristide. No sources are cited to prove the
allegation that Aristide has "cemented his ties with various corrupt elements
within the Haitian elite". Instead we are given a parroted version of past
allegations without any evidence, names or sources to be traced for

Perhaps the most telling information is their echoed line of the Convergence
concerning levels of participation in the last election.  These folks would do
well to concern themselves with their own traditional habits of
self-destruction then involve themselves in a subject for which they are
apparently ill informed.

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