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6648: Re: 6626: Karshan offers more on Pina's remarks abt threats (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

Likewise, I believe Paul Denis made a threatening comment about if Preval goes to the Parliament there will be bombs in the street!  There were in fact three bombs within the week.  Two in front of the Palace and one in front of the Cathedral which critically injured some marketwomen. I don't remember hearing any international complaints about that violence.  

When Reynald George said it's not inconceivable that the parallel government will actually sit in the National Palace, I don't remember hearing any international complaints about the implied violence and violation of constitutional law being proposed.  

When Evens Paul said (a while ago) that people should take their cars and run over the protesters,  I don't remember any protests against that.

Yesterday Rene Civil of JPP raised similar points at a rally in front of the Prosecutor's office.  Why are the international protests only against what grassroots organization's say (or groups close to Aristide) but others have been threatening and doing violence and the US Ambassador and others never say a peep?