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6649: Re 6631 - Dirty Money (fwd)

From: Sara Pilling <spilling@erols.com>

The article that 'Nozier' referred to in his forward - as printed
in the Miami Herald - also appeared yesterday in the Philadelphia
Inquirer. Only 'our' title  is "Haiti's currency is noted for its
'filthiness'. [my underline, except that I cannot make an

any of us who have been in Haiti for awhile, and ridden the
taptaps, knows how grungy the paper currency can get. But to call
it filthy? I took it as a personal offense - a poor choice of
words! One more instance of insensitivity by the press!

I've just returned from Haiti. At the One Stop up on Delmas, the
rate of exchange was 24 goudes to 1$us. The prices  of food items
seemed to be up about 50% since my visit from last June.

The main road from the airport is about 1/2 finished - still
clogged with traffic but with a creative driver one can get
around most of the blockages. I didn't get downtown; my work is
either up on Delmas 31 or in Pele.

there was lots of violence going on in the Boston section of Cite
Soley! And in our neighborhood also [Delmas 19]. One evening,
around 6 p.m., there were audible screams of 'help me, help me'
in Kreyol and then shots ran out. The police were called for
support - they refused to come when they heard the address - ONLY
the location of a known drug dealer - they didn't seem to care or
want to be put in danger!!

One final anecdote, relating to the 'filthy money' story. One
afternoon, I was along while the Guest House  went to the airport
for a pick-up of new guests. We attempted to park in the
designated lot - the entry attendant would NOT take our 10 goude
note because it had a tear in it!! We stayed awhile and then
drove out. The Haitians I was with chuckled over the incident!!

Sara Pilling
Scholarship Soley
www.scholarshipsoley.org v