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6683: Re: Jubilee 2000 in Haiti, background (fwd)

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

> Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
> Haiti has never been considered a HIPC despite its severe debt problems.
As a
> result it is not currently eligible for any HIPC assistance. However,
> are some signs that the IMF and World Bank are waking up to the injustice
> keeping Haiti off the HIPC list. The changes recommended at the Cologne
> summit have increased the likelihood that Haiti might be added to the

*****one of the requirements for receiving HIPC assistance is acceptance of
the "structural adjustments" program of the IMF.  Haiti has had reservations
about this acceptance and this is one of the main reasons the almost one
billion in funds has been withheld, starting several years ago......

it also has had an influence on Haiti not being granted debt reduction

mark gill