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6684: if you think today's money is dirty... (fwd)

From: Lance Durban <lpdurban@yahoo.com>

Hard to believe that in the early 1980's an orange 5 gourde note
circulated interchangeably in Haiti with the US$ one dollar bill.  In
stores and banks you could find both bills in the same slot in the cash
drawer.  Well, those U.S. bills that had somehow found their way to Haiti
were never systematically removed from circulation by the banking
system... after all they hadn't originated here.  And let me tell you,
after a few years of making the rounds in Haiti those greenbacks ended up
looking WORSE than the dirtiest of Haitian money today.

My brother living in the States always asked me to save him a few of the
dirtiest ones for use as a 'tip' in restaurants back in the States when
the service was particularly bad.  Certainly left a not so subtle message
with the errant waiter or waitress.   

Lance Durban

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