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6698: Customs Makes Cocaine Bust On Miami River (fwd)

From: nozier <nozier@tradewind.net>

Friday January 19 05:02 PM EST
 Customs Makes Cocaine Bust On Miami River
 More Than 400 Pounds Of Drugs Found

      A lot of cocaine destined for South Florida streets won't make it
there after a huge bust on the Miami River. Customs agents found more
than 400 pounds of cocaine, worth about $2 million, on a Haitian
freighter Thursday night after they received a tip from an anonymous
  The ship was docked on the Miami River at 325 South River Drive. Most
of the drugs were found in duffel bags in plain view on the deck of the
ship.Agents found more of the illegal cargo in a hidden compartment
after they cut away a false wall. The bust marks the fifth on the river
this year, and according to agents is a sign of a larger trend that's
seeing more and more cocaine coming from Haiti. So far no arrests have
been made, but customs agents are questioning the crew of the ship.