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6699: army (fwd)

From: frelgo@rcn.com

The traditional function of the army in Haiti was really to insure the
change of Presidents when the time came for it. That was the great power
of the army. Papa Doc feared that and so created his own counter-army,
the Macoutes. Aristide went one step further and abolished it altogether
thus insuring his  selfish monastical tenure. All very well, perhaps,
but the army also kept down the zenglendos which are now the frightening
and loose social cannons killing the great spirit of this country.
Duvalier's solution---from the same fear as Aristides, was the more
sensible idea even though Macoutes eventually got out of hand. Aristides
gesture has plunged this wonderful society into raw chaos while
celebrating his ego trip and the general wreckage of a fine collective
national soul.

david x young