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6709: Re: 6708: re 6706 (fwd)

From: Otello365@aol.com
 From: frelgo@rcn.com
 Dorces views are boilerplate idealistic, rather knee-jerk and sans much
 sense of the deeper side of Haitian history . Aristide is far from the
 wishful ideals made of him and the function of the army I spoke of it a
 long grand tradition if your look at it with any depth
 Further the notion of democracy in Haiti is itself an oxymoron.
 david young >>
As a long time reader of Corbett and the posts on Haiti, I'd like to take my 
first opportunity to recommend to all Corbetteers an excellent book entitled, 
The Military and Society in Haiti by Michel Laguerre.  It does not paint the 
rosy picture of the Haitian military throughout Haitian history that Mr Young 
seems to have accepted.