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6710: Re: 6708: Dorce to Young (orig# 6706) (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

In a message dated 01/20/2001 12:26:29 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
frelgo@rcn.com writes:

<< Dorces views are boilerplate idealistic, rather knee-jerk and sans much
 sense of the deeper side of Haitian history .  Aristide is far from the
wishful ideals made of him and the function of the army I spoke of it a
long grand tradition if your look at it with any depth >>
I beg to differ.  It is Haitian history that tells us that a path, once 
taken, is either right or wrong, beneficial or disastrous.  Haitian history 
tells us that the Haitian Army is a destablizer in these changing times where 
democracy replaces oligarchy.  The people have spoken, and I support them in 
their fight for a better life.  It is certainly not boilerplate idealism in 
Haiti but stark reality that drives the people to vote for and support 
Aristide.  Tout moun se moun...;)  (galling isn't it..)

Kathy Dorce~