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6711: Re: 6687: Re: 6670: gay / lesbian issues in Haiti ...Auguste comments

From: JRAuguste1@aol.com

Keywords: Lesbian. Homosexual. Macici. 

Unless things have drastically changed in Haiti I do not recommend that any 
homosexual/lesbian openly telegraph his/her life style there. 

Growing up in Haiti I have witnessed known homosexuals being stoned in the 
streets by children. The rocks throwing were accompanied by name calling, 
hissing, laughter and unpleasantness. The stonings were carried in broad day 
light, encouraged and/or ignored by adults standing near by. And that every 
time any known homosexual walked through the neighborhood. 

I personally know of a Haitian mother living in Haiti, who told her lesbian 
daughter who is living in San Francisco, not to attend her funeral should the 
mother die survived by the lesbian daughter. The mother specifically forbade 
the openly lesbian daughter to attend the funeral "so as not to embarass two 
of her "normal" adult children who are enjoying a good social and 
professional life in Haiti.