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6786: Re: 6772: From Insight Magazine (fwd)

From: LMB <lauretteb@yahoo.com>

I have a serious problem with this piece written by Ms.
Catherine Edwards.

1)Since when did the US pour Aid into a country without
this policy making sense (economically) for the US

2)Has the US ever been a benevolent benefactor? 

3)Did she do some serious research on Olivier Nadal or is
she just relying on sources to write about his record?
This type of reporting only reinforces stereotypes and does
not help readers question or really understand the issues
under the surface.

4) In HAITI things are NEVER what they APPEAR to be. There
is ALWAYS a hidden agenda.

5)"The reality is that during the last decade U.S.
taxpayers spent $3 billion in program assistance and sent
23,000 troops to the small Caribbean nation. And the
Now, now, now. Was the ain of this program assistance to
REALLY assist Haitians or was it to impose US Democracy to
Haiti? Furthermore I would like to know the breakdown of
how this $3 Billion in progam assistance was spent (to the
last dollar). When I see a journalist writing about this,
then, I will know that things are moving in a positive

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