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6785: RE: 6774/Nekita (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

        Really pleased to see that Nekita responded to this funny 
     discussion regarding "Dirty Money". When I read the posting about 
     women ("marchands") keeping their money in their panties, I just 
     cracked-up! I wanted to respond, but I thought it would be a bit 
     un-nerving for some of our readers to hear from the "archim" on the 
     subject of dirty money and women's panties. Also my comment, which I 
     will now write since I have been emboldened by Nekita, might surely 
     make our readers wonder how the archim knows anything about women's 
        But, you see, I have been around for a good, long while, and I *do* 
     know about Haitians and especially Haitian marchands, and I know that 
     most of them don't even wear panties! And one doesn't need to go  and 
     check the women to discover that! Nekita is positively correct. The 
     marchands may surely put their money somewhere where most others will 
     not think to look for it, but it is not in their panties.
        Haitian money is filthy because of the way it is handled, not 
     necessarily because of where it is kept. Additionally, much Haitian 
     money is held-on to for a long time, and it gets dirty easily. 
     Haitiens usually roll the bills into a ball and stick that ball 
     wherever it is convenient...and safe.
        And let's remember, unfortunately, that Haiti is a bit dirty to 
     begin with...and that's normal in a society with persons who are 
     struggling very hard to even exist. It takes a lot of effort to keep 
     things clean here, money not withstanding!
        Now, let's start a discussion on the merits of passing out bras to 
     the native women in order to get them to better know Jesus! That's 
     what lots of American Protestant missionaries did in Africa years ago: 
     they found it "disturbing" to have to deal with a society where women 
     were usually "topless", so they gave them bras (and made them wear 
     them) before they fed them and worked to convert them!
        I wonder if Jesus really cares!!!