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6809: Re: 6760: Subj: 6747 Haitian Army, Dorce to JAAllen (fwd)

From: Phil Knowles <Phildk@prodigy.net>

"............  It is tempting to want to resort to old ways of keeping
order, but that is going the wrong direction and will only prolong the
agony.  I wish all the educated Haitians who are resisting this change,
would try to figure out how they can contribute to Haiti's improvement
instead of putting up intellectual tire barracades. .........."

Bravo, Kathy Dorce!  Returning to tyrant rule - in Haiti or Russia or Africa
or Paraguay - sure isn't attractive. Democracy sure is a bumpy road - it was
right here when this place (the U.S.) started, and is some ways still is.
But in Haiti there are, at least, the real beginnings of free expression.
Haiti needs our moral and technical support but not unlimited charity.
That's my opinion, not a perfect truth.  The unique situation of Colin
Powell as new Secy of State  -  in an otherwise unlikely administration  -
may be a lucky break for Haiti.

Phil Knowles