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6810: FW: artist/teacher - Serge Gay - (509) 402-3108 (fwd)

From: "Black, Patricia" <Patricia.Black@pge-corp.com>
To:	'anewton@usaid.gov'
Subject:	artist/teacher - Serge Gay - (509) 402-3108

It was great to see your post on the Corbett list:  (1) learning some kids
will have that fun every week, (2) realizing I'll be able to help you meet
the perfect person for your needs, (3) being able to do a good turn for a
friend, and (4) knowing he'll be able to earn a little extra money.  Four

Serge Gay is Haiti's leading sculptor (my view), certainly insofar as clay
is concerned.  He is the most charming man you can imagine.  He speaks
English very well, and has thoroughly enjoyed his experience working with
children.  He volunteered (or was hired by the government, I don't recall
which) to teach children art in several media.  The project centered on
making decorations for Kanaval, I believe.  I remember his speaking of the
children enthusiastically, but have forgotten the project details.  

The family home, factory, and wholesale shop (beautiful garden planters) are
at the corner of Rue Grellier and Delmas 11.  To reach it:  travel downhill
on Delmas and take the second right past the airport road onto Delmas 11.
Then, take the first right and continue (a block or two) to the end of the
road.  You will recognize Gay Potterie by it's terra cotta facing.  

Serge may or may not be there as he is establishing his own home and art
studio not too far from the more "commercial" family business.  No doubt
someone will be there who can guide you to him.

I know that Serge is in Haiti at this moment and can be reached at his cell
phone:  (509) 402-3108.  However, he also maintains a home at 11850 SW 273rd
Street in Miami, FL  33032.  His numbers there are:  (305) 258-5546 (home)
(305) 594-9358 ext. 177 (cell).

I hope you like him and that he is available to help you.  Naturally, I'd
love to hear what happens.  Good luck!

			John Black (pjb5@pge.com <mailto:pjb5@pge.com> )