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6811: Re: 6776: adoption (fwd)

From: Maxetluc@aol.com

Contact the U.S. Embassy Consular Section either by telephone 
(011-509-223-7011) or by e-mail (papcons@state.gov).  They will give send you 
a brochure which explains adoption procedures and requirements in Haiti and 
procedures for obtaining an immigrant visa for the child once the adoption is 
complete.  They will also send you a list of orphanages approved by the 
Institute Bien-Etre Social (the government agency which is responsible for 
orphans) and attorneys who practice adoption law.  By law, the embassy can't 
endorse a particular attorney but I can assure you they have verified with 
the Haitian Bar Association that each attorney on the list is licensed and 
that they do not leave one on the list if serious, verifiable complaints are 
made against him or her.

The documentation is free.

Good luck,