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6804: Re: 6787: Re: 6772: From Insight Magazine (fwd)

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In a message dated 01/27/2001 5:54:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, John Kozyn 
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<< >------------------------------
 >By Catherine Edwards
 I think it behooves Mr Lucas to have indicated that this piece of journalism 
 is rather dated, having appeared what... over a year ago?
 These sorts of posts, where no date or publication are mentioned, are 
 clearly irregular and can easily be construed as invective.
 Having said that, I wonder of the author's name has been submitted for a 
 Pulitzer by Mr Lucas  ;) >>
I don't know about the Pulitzer thing, but since Mr. Lucas was kind enough to 
give us the author's e-mail address, I sent her a kind note pointing out all 
her mistakes.  It was for her own good, really.  And archim, I told her 
Aristide is NOT a defrocked priest!  I wish I had known it was a dated piece 
though, the poor woman won't know what hit her...;)  (now that I think of it, 
I may have been less than kind...)

Kathy Dorce~