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6805: Re: 6788: The Wall Street Journal (fwd)

From: LAKAT47@aol.com

<< From: Stanley Lucas <slucas@iri.org>
 The Wall Street Journal
 January 26, 2001
 The Americas
 Clinton's Haiti Policy
 Deserves Prompt Scrutiny
 By Mary Anastasia O'Grady, editor of the Americas column.
 Marvin Rosen (finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee from 
September 1995 until January 1997), former Democratic Congressman Joseph P. 
Kennedy II, and Bill Clinton confidante Thomas (Mack) McClarty III are all on 
the board of Fusion Telecommunications International, according to that 
company's Web site. Mr. Rosen, who was active in the DNC at the height of the 
Clinton fundraising scandals, is also the company's chief executive officer. 
And so on and so on....Who IS this guy?  Have we found Lynn Garrison?  May I 
write an article full of rumors and "sources say" items that support my 
agenda?  Are we going to be baited with this kind of spurious posting now 
that the Republicans are looking for justification to invade Haiti AGAIN to 
remove the offending Aristide......hey sources SAY it is so!  

Most people on this list know when they are reading propaganda, but out 
there, where most people think Haiti is an island in the South Pacific, this 
kind of nonsense does a lot of harm.  

K. Dorce~