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6821: Re: 6813: Re: 6800: Re: 6782: Re: 6776: adoption : 4 responses (fwd)

From: C&C Henrius <carolineislands@hotmail.com>

>Thus far I've refrained from joining the discussion about consular visas,
>visa issuance and refusal, etc., though I've found it quite amusing to 
>In keeping with that policy I will not respond the remainder of post #6800.

I'm glad you find it amusing.  Especially when so many people's lives hang 
in the balance.  And by this, are we to assume you have information you are 
also refraining from sharing with us?  Perhaps it is in keeping with the 
general attitude of consular employees to sit and be amused by the troubles 
of people who are struggling to make sense of a system that is in complete 
control of their happiness; rather than to make a small effort to enlighten 
them by offering a small tidbit of information they can use to either be 
united with their family and loved ones, or at the very least understand the 
process and have a little hope.

And I find it interesting that the answers to certain of my questions are so 
very difficult to find.  Like, for instance, why is it so difficult to find 
out how many actual dollars the US consulate takes in non-refundable 
processing fees in Port-au-Prince each year?  Is that another amusement, or 
is the figure so telling that those involved don't want us to know?  Or is 
it only that I haven't figured out where to look yet?  In which case, are 
the people who know refraining from offering up that information?

But the crux of the matter is far more important than attitudes or time or 
processing fees or paper work... any of that red tape.  For some of us, the 
crux is whether or not a child will survive the enterim.  And believe me, 
that is not a laughing matter.

C. Henrius
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