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6822: Teaching English in Haiti (fwd)

From: ForHaiti@aol.com

You cannot look to making money on the Haitian economy, there are no jobs and 
there are thousands starving to death.  It is an admirable goal, but your 
success will be greater if you go planning to give rather than earning a 
living. Everything is very expensive and the Haitian people are getting 
poorer and poorer.

I would recommend you check with Bob Corbett and ask him to put you on his 
list where people check regularly and have exchanges about Haiti.  Someone 
more in the know in the field of education will probably contact you if you 
post the same message you wrote in our guestbook.

Thank you and God Bless,

Eva DeHart
For Haiti with Love, inc.
Palm Harbor FL 34682
 <A HREF="http://www.forhaitiwithlove.org/p_news.htm";>~For Haiti With Love