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6823: National Health Accounts (fwd)

From: Marie Petit-Michel <mpetit_michel@yahoo.com>

Dear Corbetters,

I've been with the list for about two years. I am
writing to request assistance from those of you with
knowledge and expertise on international health

I'd like to find out whether the Haitian Ministry of
Health, or the central government for that matter has
legislation or regulation pertainig to a National
Health account for the country.

Countries such as Canada, Norway and British Columbia
have a national health account system.  Austrailia has
conveniently copied Canada's model. Though my examples
are mostly countries in the North, other countries in
the South have such accounts.  My research focuses on
discovering which developing coutries have national
health accounts.

Any information or leads will be appreciated if anyone
has pertinent information or can refer me to sources
that may know something about this subject.

Please write to me at marieepm@gwu.edu

Thank you

Marie Petit-Michel, Masters Candidate
International Development Studies/Public Health 
Elliott School of International Studies,
George Washington University
(301) 986-9207

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