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6852L The old text needs to go. (fwd)

Folks, in the basic rules for posting to the list which you
receive when you join two are:

1, I won't post items which come with attachments.  This remains
	in force and, to best of my knowledge has been enforced
	100% of the time without acception.

2.  The other is I ask people NOT to write over the top of
	previous post.  This I have been less rigorous on
	enforcing.  Beginning today I will be enforcing it
	and you might receive your post back with the note below.

Folks, I try not to post items which are written over the top
of previous contributions.  It clutters up cyber space more than
is needed.  

However, since I run the list from a simple unix program, and
one that will not "mark" lines, I have to delete material one
line at a time with a control K command.

I don't the time.

If you would like YOUR note posted I will need a copy which does
not have the old note to which you are responding at the bottom
of your note.  You will need to delete that and resubmit the

Thanks,  Bob Corbett