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6878: Re: 6853: expert needed on building of Citadel (fwd)

From: LeGrace Benson <legracebenson@clarityconnect.com>

Information on Citadel>
>From: kismetic <kismetic@gateway.net>
>Does anybody have a contact for an expert on the engineering and building of
>The Citadelle? 
The most comprehensive source of information would be the records of
I.S.P.A.N. in Cap Haitian (Sorry do not have current address.) The project
for restoration was led by Albert Mangones,architect, now retired, with
Frederick Mangones as supervising architect.  UNESCO, the Senegalese
government, World Monuments Foundation and the Haitian government provided
funds for the restoration/preservation of the Citadel and of Sans Souci
Palace. When I was doing a study of the project, no original blueprints had
been discovered. This made for certain difficulties, of course.  Cornell
architecture students did a series of measured drawings of existing
structures, and a group from France, expert in old construction methods
also did some helpful researchand actual preservation efforts. Albert
Mangones may be available to discuss the project and documents. Also Fred
Mangones may be available.Try <haitihabitat@hainet.net>  
I did a very brief article for Cornell in 1982, "Haitian Revival" (NOT the
title I gave it!) mostly describing one phase of the preservation efforts.I
think it would not be particularly useful for your purposes.
World Monuments Foundation at one time had a whole set of photographs of
the Citadel taken between 1970 and 1985, about. These were done by Tony
Macelli, who, I am told is in Cap Haitian. The photos are both informative
and spectacular.
I hope this information is helpful. LeGrace Benson, Arts of Haiti Research