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6877: Re: 6851 & 6858 (fwd)

From: RMSJRS@aol.com

To Mark Gill re 6851,
I don't know what statement you are referring to here nor do I know remember 
the reference  to Fon-imbo .  However, I visited a reforestation site of 
perhaps 20 acres in Gros Morne. I can't find my notes but I recollect that 
they have survival of 80 or 90%. It is important that the plants moved to the 
fields get some watering during the first dry season and I was told the 
people were carrying water from the river up to about 1/3 mile and an 
elevation of roughly 250 feet.  There must be a better way - but it attests 
to the determination of the Haitians.

I also want to confirm Cindy Tschampl's remarks on 6858. I was one of the 
group with whom she travelled in December and my observations support hers.
Jack Schieber