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6879: Aristide meets with Convergence tonight at 7:00 (fwd)

From: ROODY BARTHELEMY <kreyolco@hotmail.com>

It's not a scoop but it can be a flash, depending on when you read it.  The 
news is that there is an imminent meeting scheduled for tonight [01/31/2001] 
between Aristide and the Convergence 'démocratique' to be held at the local 
of the Nonce Apostolique at 7:00.  The Medias in Haiti, especially in 
Port-au-Prince, are frantic about gathering whatever bit and pieces of new 
news outcoming from this meeting.

Who ordered the meeting? Who will come to the meeting? Who is afraid of the 
meeting? Who is afraid at the meeting? Who is forced to the meeting? Who 
will kneel at the meeting?

That old Manno's song is still en vogue: "Konplo Aristid la li soti Vatican, 
li pase Washington se Bondye k voye l."
The anti-Aristide plot, from Vatican via Washington, comes directly from 
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