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6880: RE: 6790 - Exiled President Manus!!! (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     What a travesty!!! Surely no one will believe Leon Manus. Now that he 
     is 76 years old...or maybe 77, and living in Nashua, New Hampshire in 
     "exile", his moth balls must be positively withered! Why would anyone 
     want to threaten him with death? What harm could he do?
     To begin with, the story of the stealing of the balllot boxes "after 
     the polls closed", is a positive fabrication, made either by the  
     "President-in-Exile" of the Provisional Electoral Council, or some 
     others who had/have a "parallel" agenda! It's similar to the kind of 
     fabrications which circulated about President Aristide before and 
     during the Cedras coup. They had him having been a mental patient in a 
     non-existent mental institute in Canada...and even treated by a 
     non-existent doctor! They had him described as a lunatic who had to 
     take anti-depresants in order to function normally. They said he had 
     girl friends as a priest, and then they said he was gay. They said he 
     advocated necklacing (burning people to death with flaming tires), and 
     now they want people to believe that he threatened a poor little old 
     man with death because he would not validate votes in the manner that  
     they wanted him to do; how preposterous!
     The Lavalas Party didn't need anyone to stuff ballot boxes! Aristide's 
     people didn't even need to campaign! Lavalas was and is the peoples' 
     choice and everyone not only expected them to win; they *knew* they 
     would win. Now why don't all those sore loosers go home and accept the 
     will of the people; most Haitiens don't even know who they are!
     As Kathy Dorce has pointed-out, where is the proof for all these 
     inuendos? Give us some definite proof of the political assassinations 
     which were carried out by the Lavalas Party. Let's see the evidence 
     for all these accusations. Did the Lavalas Party kill Antoine Izmery 
     or his brother, George? Did they kill Pere Vincent? Did they murder 
     Jean Dominique? Did they shoot Guy Mallary? Are they responsible for 
     the thousands killed by the FRAPH group led by Toto Content? Are they 
     the ones who killed poor, innocent Haitiens who were returned from 
     Guantanamo? Did they shoot people in the streets for being supporters 
     of Aristide? Were they responsible for causing so many Aristide 
     supporters in Haiti to go into hiding during the Cedras fiasco? Are 
     they the ones who confiscated my radio because I was listening to the 
     Voice of America during the Cedras period? Are they the ones who 
     brought pressure on a radio station near Barahona, Dominican Republic 
     because they broadcast the truth during the coup? Was it the Lavalas 
     Party that beat Pere Massac because he stood firmly for Aristide? Was 
     it the Lavalas Party which created Fort Dimanche and stole billions of 
     dollars from our poor country?
     We could go on and on about all of this, but my battery will soon run 
     out of power and I will never get to the point of this posting. All 
     I'm saying is that it's time to have some substantial evidence to 
     back-up all these insane accusations...real evidence, and then people 
     might begin to take notice. As it stands now, the only notice I take 
     is of the idiotic statements made by "the opposition" which have 
     positively no backing.
     The "mess" that Mr. Manus speaks of regarding the situation "his" 
     country is in, is the fault of persons such as him who simply cannot 
     accept the will of the people. I've been here for a long time...not 77 
     years however, and I think I know the mind of the Haitien people, 
     obvioussly better than does Mr. Manus. The majority of the people in 
     Haiti have been kept in bondage for years and years by persons who 
     think and act as does Mr. Manus. 40 or 50 years ago the ruling 
     oligarchies could get away with keeping the masses down, but times 
     have changed and it's time to turn the tables. Before turning those 
     tables, however, we need to get everyone to at least sit at the same 
     table; Lavalas has done that! Now, let's get on with it!