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6883: Re: Haitian Documentary (fwd)

From: michael.o.leslie@gm.com

 I'm currently in pre-production on a documentary on the Haitian Revolution
(1790-1802). Does anyone have any info on the role of Haitian women in that
period? Also, does anyone have info on military tactics used by Toussaint,
Dessalines, San Souci and others. I've asked and received some of this info from
Corbett's  listing and I'd like to thank those folks on the list for providing
research/resources/contacts for my project. Also,  Bob Corbett and others have
provided lists of books--thanks, especially for Bob's list of 50 books on the
Revolution and its impact.
On January 21, 2001 I gave an informal talk at a coffee shop (in Detroit )on the
documentary and showed some of the raw footage of the Citadell and the San Souci
ruins. We expected about 20-50 people. 100+ people came out. Seems I under
estimated the interest out there in Haiti. Again, if anyone has info or
books/research on the women's role and military stuff concerning the Revolution,
contact me.
Thank You
Michael Leslie
20070 Shrewsbury
Detroit, MI  48221
313-342-1823 hm
734-481-5070 wk