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6892: Shipping To PaP - Customs (fwd)

From: "Haitian Street Kids, Inc." <haitianstreetkids@rescueteam.com>

Dear Corbetters,

We have a new boys home in Port au Prince for streetchildren. The
new facility that we will be moving into shortly, has and will
receive many donations of items such as clothing, furniture, a
motorcycle, etc.

The problem is SHIPPING without having to sell a kidney everytime!

Does anyone know the best and most economical way to ship item such
as this from various points in the U.S. into PaP?

Also? Is there a way to avoid the RACKETTEERS that hang out in front
of the customs office at the airport. These guys apparently have
kick-back deals with the so-called "directors" inside customs, and
NOTHING can be done without them. I recently received a shipment of
pants donated by J.C. Penney that was shipped through American
Airline Cargo.  Receiving this one shipment was a 7 day NIGHTMARE 
FROM HELL!  Not because of AA, but because of the racketteers I had
to deal with.  We do not have a big budget and cannot afford the
demands of these corrupt directors and racketteers.  Having to deal
with the greed and corruption of people such as these with every
shipment into Haiti, it's not hard to see why imports and trade is
so limited. Descent, hard working Haitians all have to suffer
because of these few opportunists.

If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate hearing about it.

Michael W. Brewer, RN
Haitian Street Kids, Inc.
URL:   http://www.HaitianStreetKids.com
Email:  HaitianStreetKids@rescueteam.com

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