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6901: Re: 6892:  Shipping To PaP - Customs (fwd)

From: soleil4hrs@netscape.net

Haitian Street Kids, Inc.:

If racketeers at Haiti's international airport is preventing you from getting your shipment, your should think of doing the follwing:

1.  Consolidate in one location all items you want to send to your organization in Haiti, until you have enough to fill at least a twenty foot container.

2.  Call a shipping company that have regular service to Haiti and tell them of your intention to ship a personal items to Haiti.  Shipping rates differ between personal and commercial/business shipment.  They will ask you for your container capacity requirement, and make arangement to drop the container where you want it.  Your can get either a twenty foot or a forty foot container.

3.  After the container is droped at your location, you are given a certain number of days to load it and call for pick up, before the start charging you for rental. 

4.  Make an accurate inventory of what you are putting inside the container, then load it.  It is important that you be truthful about the content, otherwise the penalty can be severe.

5.  Call the shipping company to come to pick it up.  After completing the necessary payment settlement, they will lock the container's doors and seal it in front of you.

6.  The container will be delivered to the person or organization you designate as consignee on the shipping documents, by the shipping company's maritime agent in Port au Prince. 

As you can see this takes planning ahead and some coordination, but it's one of the safest way for your organization to receive what was shiped and avoid being ripped off by semi literate racketeers who hang around the gate of Haiti's international airport.

Soleil Midi   

Bob Corbett <corbetre@webster.edu> wrote:
> From: "Haitian Street Kids, Inc." <haitianstreetkids@rescueteam.com>
> Dear Corbetters,
> We have a new boys home in Port au Prince for streetchildren. The
> new facility that we will be moving into shortly, has and will
> receive many donations of items such as clothing, furniture, a
> motorcycle, etc.
> The problem is SHIPPING without having to sell a kidney everytime!
> Does anyone know the best and most economical way to ship item such
> as this from various points in the U.S. into PaP?
> Also? Is there a way to avoid the RACKETTEERS that hang out in front
> of the customs office at the airport. These guys apparently have
> kick-back deals with the so-called "directors" inside customs, and
> NOTHING can be done without them. I recently received a shipment of
> pants donated by J.C. Penney that was shipped through American
> Airline Cargo.  Receiving this one shipment was a 7 day NIGHTMARE 
> FROM HELL!  Not because of AA, but because of the racketteers I had
> to deal with.  We do not have a big budget and cannot afford the
> demands of these corrupt directors and racketteers.  Having to deal
> with the greed and corruption of people such as these with every
> shipment into Haiti, it's not hard to see why imports and trade is
> so limited. Descent, hard working Haitians all have to suffer
> because of these few opportunists.
> If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate hearing about it.
> Thanks,
> Michael W. Brewer, RN
> Haitian Street Kids, Inc.
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> http://www.Restavek.org
> Email:  HaitianStreetKids@rescueteam.com
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