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6904: Re: 6853: Citadel, other forts? (fwd)

From: John Munsell <JMunsell@maf.org>

Does anyone know of furthur info on other forts in Haiti.  I have seen at 
least 17 in our flying around the country, and several other remains 
obviously not built in this century.  I have photo's of many of them.  I'm 
sure there are more which I've not seen.  Some in OK shape, others I never 
would have seen unless I happened to be flying right over them they were so 
over-grown.  One southeast of Miragouane is quite impressive.  Fort Jacques 
SE of Port-au-Prince is semi-restored and provides a great view.  

Is there any study or info on the rest of the forts in Haiti?  I realize 
this is WAY down on the priority list for present day Haiti, but it's also 
a shame to see so much history crumbling into dust.

John Munsell