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6905: Listening to VOA during Cedras period (Re: 6880) (fwd)

From: amedard@gte.net

>      Are they the ones who confiscated my radio because I was listening to
> the
>      Voice of America during the Cedras period?

Your comment particularly stands out since whenever I saw you during that
timeframe, you seemed to have no real fears and never mentioned this incident.

I used to listen to VOA all the time, without even thinking twice about the
volume being up high so that we could hear it in different rooms of the house.
No one ever bothered me ... and you probably remember that I lived way, way
down the Route de Freres, close to the Military Camp in Freres!  There were
certainly more military (to theoretically become upset with the VOA broadcast)
and populace (to easily overhear the broadcast when I had it on) deep in
Freres, than Morne Calvaire.

I'd be interested in hearing the details of your story!  Were others on Morne
Calvaire also harassed?