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6942: Re: 6904: Re: 6853: Citadel, other forts? (fwd)

From: john mcenroe <jmack1@mediaone.net>

Dear john Munsell,
I have just a scrape of information for you.  I was Touring around the
Grand Anse in January. There was a fort marked a the haitian tourist map
at Ilet a'Pierre Joseph, a small island off Anse d'Hainault. I was
excited at prospect of finding a old French or British fort guarding the
entrance of the port of Anse d'Hainault.  I was disappointed to find an
8 foot by 12 foot rock and mortar bunker only 4 foot high.  Not worth a
visit unless you happen to be in the area..  Sorry to disappoint..


John McEnroe