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6941: Responding RE: 6913, 6880, 6790 (fwd)

From: archim <archim@globelsud.net>

     Responding to Sarah, but on list because hers to me was on list!
     Dear Sarah,
        You have, unfortunately, mis-read my post regarding Leon Manus. 
     Possibly you have purposely misinterpreted it, as many persons do when 
     they don't like something! Neverthless, I did not ijnsult Leon Manus, 
     nor do I feel I need to do so. I likewise did not say that "older 
     people aren't worth anything, (nor that ) their views are (not") 
     worthwhile. I merely said that I wondered why anyone would want to 
     threaten him with death, and asked what harm he could do. What's wrong 
     with that? If you think older persons can do harm, that's ok with me. 
     My question was "what harm could he do?" 
        Jean Dominique was killed...and that was terrible, but he was not 
     assasinated. There is a difference between assasination and 
     killing/murder. I agree with you, the murdering of old persons is 
     surely terrible, but the murdering of anyone is likewise terrible: old 
     or young.
        My comment on the "stealing of the ballot boxes" is not based upon 
     allegations; but upon fact. The photos of discarded ballots and boxes 
     at the time of the May election, were true and actual photos, but it 
     is somewhat important to note that those balllots had already been 
     counted! That's "yellow journalism" (which has been with us for years 
     and years!) and geared to lead the less-sharp reader to conclude that 
     the ballots were stolen  before being counted; not so in this case. 
     The story was investigated.
        I think that all the things you "personally think would be nice" 
     will probably come to pass in the years to come; right now we need to 
     stand together and work to straighten out the country. My comments in 
     no way should be taken to infer that I am opposed to campaigning 
     (another mis-reading of my words!); I merely said that Aristide did 
     not even need to campaign!
        Since it appears that you live in Haiti, why not come and join us 
     as we continue to sweep the streets and paint the poles and dividers 
     and remove the garbage; that would be a good first step toward 
     improving the country! I don't remember anyone doing such things for 
     other former candidates and/or military dictators; this is being done 
     for the elected representative of the Haitien people...the 
     overwhelming majority of the Haitien people. 
        Come on; join us! "L'Union fait la Force" Ansanm, Ansanm!