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6994: Re: 6981: Bibliographic Search : Douglas asks and Corbett adds (fwd)

From: "Marlene R. Apollon" <mrapollon@home.com>

Answer to Bob Corbett:
For me, "Haitian writers in exile" means people who were writers in
Haiti and who were forced to leave for political reasons. I would put
Felix Morisseau Leroy and Anthony Phelps, in that category.  At one
point, however, if the causes of that exile have been removed, as is the
case for the early waves of "exiled Haitian writers," that appellation
is no longer valid.  There is another situation and I take my my case as
an example:  I did consider myself in "temporary" exile after I left
Haiti in 1964 but the reasons for that exile have long ceased to exist.
In addition, I started writing long after I left Haiti and I definitely
don't consider myself a "Haitian writer in exile" but, rather, a
Haitian-American writer or, as some people define writers like me, a
Haitian writer of the Diaspora.  And that's how I would also describe
Edwidge Dandicat.