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6995: English portion of JBA inaugural speech (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com

As Martin Luther King once said : people can differ
and still unite around common goals. Indeed, from the
1.3 billion people living with less than 1 dollar a
day to the richest people of the world, we all seek
happiness. Happiness is a common goal around which we
are united.
Thank you to all our distinguished guests for  being
with us today. Your presence honors this historic
occasion and contributes to the happiness of the day.
When dialogue replaces confrontation, it leads to
peace and keeps the flame of happiness alive. Here in
Haiti we are committed to dialogue.
When it is the ballot, and not the bullet, that is
the agent of change, it paves the way for a better
life. This is what we have in our country.
When commitments are honored, stability and mutual
respect are insured. This is the spirit that guides us
today. We will continue to implement the 8-point
accord reached last December, as we know it is an
important step that will lead to lasting peace.
While we are committed to making democracy flourish,
we renew today our determination to invest in human
beings. It is this path that will best lead us towards
economic growth and peace.

Excerpt from February 7, 2001 inaugural speech of President Jean-Bertrand