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7000: 7000 messages

Folks, the list began in 1994 and shifted to Webster University's
server in Aug. 1999.  Since then this is (roughly) message
# 7000.  I've made a few errors in numbering.

The last record I have is that message # 4000 went out
on June 1, 1990, So in the past 20 months there have been
3000 messages.  Moving right along.

Those 7000 messages are on Webster U's server, but to day they
claim not to have the software to make them avaialbe to us in
a searchable or browsealble form, but hope to in the future.

How many messages went out between the beginning in 1994 and
1999?  I haven't any idea, but a whole lot!

Now, onward toward 8000.....

Best,  Bob Corbett