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6982: FW: Bibliographic Search : Douglas asks and Corbett adds (fwd)

From: "Garnier, Eddy" <GARNIEE@tc.gc.ca>

Yes Bob, in 1999 there was a Novel (386pages) published in Canada which the
title is:  ''Vivre au noir en pays blanc'' which could be translated like :
Black living in a white contry,  written by Eddy Garnier (819-778-3351),
publisher : Vents d'Ouest (819- 770-6377).  It is the history of an Haitian
immigrant who came to Canada in 1972-1973 exiled from his country that he
loved, but he had to escape from political pursuit.  When he arived in
Canada, he had to face with the reality.  Because in his country they told
him that canadian poeple liked black poeple, there is no discrimination,
lots of opportunity for employment, the Government has everything in place
to protect yhe black poeple.  But at his arrival in the Dorval airport, he
starts to face the reality with the immigration agents. First of all, he
wanted to go to USA but at that time, it was very difficult to obtain a visa
for the USA.   He does not have any place to go to. No parents, no family
except a friend he knew when he was a student who love white women because
the white women dont have any problems back at home like the black women.
He has to face with the french canadian language compared to the haitian
french.  He has to face with other haitian. he say that he will never go
with a white woomen and the first knight he spend in Montreal, he was forced
to make love with a white girl.

Vive au noir en pays blanc, was commented and presented at the Radio Canada
show called Dimanche Magazine as well as in Voice of America by Fred
I think Vivre au noir en pays blanc is a book which outh to bee looked at in
the context of this research.
The book is a Essai since it takes into consideration the different steps in
the immigation process in Canada like why the haitian poeple have more
problems than the italian poeple or german poeple immigrated in Canada.
The book should be given consideration and it is a good asset in the
immigration history of the haitian poeple.