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7003: Fanmi Lavalas Govt Plan: Major Results Expected (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com


a) the creation of 500,000 stable jobs in the public and private sectors;
b) the establishment of some fifty public/private partnership contracts for 
the production, commercialization and management of electrical energy, the 
management of ports and airports, land, sea and air transportation, the 
development of the housing sub-sector, the management of the State's heavy 
equipment, the regulation of the financial sector and the field of 

c) a 30% increase in nutritional self-sufficiency (net);

d) the organization of savings and loan cooperatives and the mobilization of 
their assets through a cooperative bank where they hold a majority of the 

e) the creation of economic groups in the Tenth Department (Miami, New York, 
Montreal, New Orleans, Paris...) that could increase investments by at least 

f) the reorganization of some fifteen diplomatic representations of Haiti 
abroad (Taipei, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Washington, Santo-Domingo, CARICOM, 
Scandinavian countries...) so that they may play an active economic role;

g) an increase in the GNP's growth rate from 1.2% in 1999/2000 to an average 
minimum annual level of 4%;

However, significant efforts will be made to surpass this rate;

h) a reduction of the inflation rate from 15.3% to less than 10%;

i) a reduction of the unemployment rate from 60% to approximately 45%.


a) the generation of an additional 348 MW of electric energy and the 
reduction of losses to less than 20%;

b) the improvement, rehabilitation and construction of more than 3.500 km, of 
secondary and tertiary roads and 2000 km. of primary roads; and the opening 
of new roads in order to link the 565 communal sections with each other;

c) the renovation of at least five (5) national airports and the up sizing of 
Cap Haitian's international airport; the rehabilitation of the Port-au-Prince 
Airport; and the renewal of the national air freight carrier's activities;

d) the improvement of urban and inter-urban transportation services with the 
rehabilitation of five (5) coasting ports, the expansion of Service Plus 
activities, the installation of five (5) ferry boat wharves in the Bay of 

e) social communication: national coverage through state media (radio or 

f) telecommunications: increase the one hundred thousand (100,000) existing 
telephone lines to four hundred and fifty thousand between now and 2006;

g) potable water  200 community distribution points in the rural areas and 
the rehabilitation of 60 urban systems;

h) a health care center in each communal section;

i) a functional fundamental school (1st and 2nd cycles) in each communal 

j) ten functional sports centers;

k) four (4) large correctional facilities;

l) a functional tribunal in each commune;

m) eleven thousand five hundred and twenty (11,520) housing units;

n) the sanitizing of the nine department's chief towns through the 
rehabilitation of the drainage networks.

By opting for this strategy, Organization Fanmi Lavalas intends to reverse 
the tendency of negative indicators and accelerate the recovery of those 
already inflected.  In the next five years, it aims at improving Haiti's 
position in the classification of countries with a low index of human 
development, or:

a) increase the population's access to healthcare from a rate of 45% to 80%;

b) increase the population's access to potable water:

1. from a rate of 16% to 70% in rural areas

2. from a rate of 44% to 80% in urban areas

c) increase the rate of schooling from 67% to at least 90%;

d) increase the rate of literacy from 45% to 80%.