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7002: Fanmi Lavalas Govt Plan: Objective 2004 (fwd)

From: MKarshan@aol.com


In 2004, Haiti will commemorate the bicentennial of its Independence.  The 
Organization will work so that all the sons and daughters of this country may 
together, rebuild the identification strategy stemming from 1804, and thus 
make a significant mark on this unique date.  The main theme retained by the 
Organization to orient the events of this commemoration is that of identity 
in durability.  Indeed, if the ancestors did not consider the quality of 
materials when building ht efforts during the war of Independence, the 
testimonials of our past wood be less eloquent.  These forts constitute a 
lasting heritage we are proud of.  For the organization, the strength of 
building an emancipating identity is linked to stone.  The bicentennial of 
our Independence will remind us of the stone our past of strife is built on 
and will care in stone our present and the future we wish to create in peace.

Fanmi Lavalas is indeed convinced that the power to change the present 
resides in a new reading of this country's history.  Today, the duty of every 
XXIst century Haitian is to learn constantly, to study his land's history in 
depth in order to continue the work of the founding fathers.  However, he/she 
must take care to avoid both internal and external dangers, to develop 
strategies inspired by the struggle of our brothers of America, Africa or 
Asia in the pursuit of well-being.