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7028: Aristide's plans

From: mark gill <doctorgill@clas.net>

the comprehensive plans of Aristide, posted over the past two or three days
on the list, are broad in scope, and laudable on each count.  how wonderful
it would be for the Haitian people were they to be accomplished in toto.

however, as one who has been involved in long range planning for something
like 25 years, i learned that the Capitol Budgeting portion of any
development plan is the KEY.........in that one can accomplish little
written on paper without  cash money from identifiable sources.  as i read
and re-read the posts, i could see High Dollar Signs imbedded in practically
all of the proposals......

my question is:  where is the Capitol Budgeting portion of the plan/plans?
from where will these Big Dollars come from?  there are some general
statements about "investments", "foreign sources", and re-routed State
funds, but these statements were all very vague............

does Aristide's plan perhaps have more information, such that one can
determine whether, or to what extent, his goals have any chance of being

being an old hand at such planning, i quite naturally kept looking for
Budgeting.............concrete methods, concrete sources, etc............

anyone have any such data?

mark gill