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7035: Reply to David Young (fwd)

From: "Bourget, Frantz" <Frantz.Bourget@BellSouth.COM>

Dear Mr. Young,

With all do respect to you Mr. Young and Mr. Bebe Pierre Louis, I don't
think we as Haitians or friends of Haiti can really spent anymore time
creating more divisions between ourselves at this particular time.  "Nou
Ayisien konnen ki moun nou ye". Right now I think we should concentrate on
how we are going to pull together and give Haiti the chance she deserves to
resolve the many problems she has been encountering for the past two hundred
years. Let's not unnecessarily create anymore.  As can be seen many of the
world's most powerful are turning their backs to us. Isn't that enough?  Ke
ou se vodouyzan, katolik, pwotestan, kelke soy sa oue-a nou tout se Ayisien
ti zorey.  Haiti needs us right now.