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7034: Re: 7011: Re: 6903: Necklacing and Aristide (Re: 6880) (fwd)

From: Moibibi@aol.com

Father Michael,

I think that you have it all wrong and I wish to correct your statements for 
Andrea's understanding about "that famous speech" given by President Aristide 
exhorting people to use the infamous "Pè Lebrun" torture.

This speech could be listened as it was given on the radio and could be seen 
"live" on the National television.  It was not given upon his return but a 
few days before the coup d'Etat and I, personally, believe that it largely 
contributed to his downfall.

I do not take position in politics. I have nothing against the present 
government, I just seat, listen and wait hoping for Vodoun to be recognized. 
However, one must be aware of the nature of the President. I do not consider 
Jean Bertrand Aristide as a person very considerate of the needs of his 
population but as a Vodouist, what can I expect from a Christian priest? The 
Christian churches have created Satan and Vodoun has always been considered 
as such, by them.

If anyone believes that President Aristide is a kind and amiable person, they 
haven't read his first publication : 100 Vese de Deckoukaj - Va-t-en Satan 
(1986) *. One hundred bible verses were chosen and illustrated to explain how 
to uproot undesirable elements of the Haitian society. 

Such verses and comments are explicit by themselves:

"Som 58, 8a :   Se pou yo disparet tankou dlo lavalas kap koule desann 
-   Si n pa kontinye teke, y ap remonte kouran an. "  (JBA comment)
(They have to disappear like the impetuous torrent water that goes down the 
- If we don't continue hiting, they could come back up stream)

"Som 58, 4b : Moun kap bay manti gen madichon depi nan vant manman yo
-   Yo deja mò red"(JBA comment)
(Those who lie are cursed since the time they were in their mother's womb
- They are already quite dead)

"Jeremi 5, 13: Map fe pawol mwen mete nan bouch ou tounen yon dife: Dife a 
pral boule yo net
-   Lap boule yo net net netâ?¦ " (the illustration shows a person burning in a 
big flame above JBA comment)
(I shall have the words I have put in your mouth turn to fire. Fire that will 
completely consume them .
-It will consume them completely, completely, completely.)

"Jeremi9, 7 Mwen pral pase yo nan dife, pou m netwaye yo
-   Yo k cheche sa "  (JBA comment)
( I shall pass them through fire in order to clean them up
- They looked for it)

"Som 58, 40     Malveyan yo peveti depi nan vant maman yo
-   Yo toupatou . " (JBA comment, illustrated with a pregnant woman)
(Evil doers are already perverted since they were in their mother's womb
- One can find them everywhere)

"Som 58, 10b    Bondye ap fé kole lap rache yo pandan yo tou vivan
-   Malouk! Menâ?¦" (JBA comment)
(God is  irritated at them he slices them to pieces while they are alive.
-   Hard! Butâ?¦.)

"Jeremi 22, 19  Y ap antere l tankou chen, yap trennen kadav li, yap voye l 
jete byen lwenâ?¦
-   Ak rezon "  (JBA comment)
( They should be buried like dogs,  their cadavers are just desecrated  and 
thrown away, very far away...
- And that's right)

Etc.  There were 100 verses like these and I spare you the rest. The bible is 
certainly not a compilation of nice deeds but they didn't happen yesterday 
and I abstain from judging. Inciting to reactualize such  barbaric acts in 
the 20th century is another matter of concern. Furthermore, for having 
followed the dechoukaj, I have noticed how the methods of killing resembled 
those so crudely described.

Bébé Pierre Louis

·   This booklet sold in Haiti has no name of publisher and no 
imprimatur�though, I read in Haiti-Progrès (10-16/9/1986) that it had been 
published in French and creole (translated by Henry-Claude Menard) with 
illustrations by: Les Editions Haiti Nouvelle, Montréal, sous le nom de 100 
versets bibliques pour la Deduvalierisation - Va-T'en-Satan. The announcement 
said in its last paragraph: "Notons pour terminer que cette brochure 
s'integre dans un travail de conscientisation, les lecteurs étant appelés à 
poursuibre la lutte contre les criminels et les corrompus, le leitmotiv étant 
qu'- il faut déduvalieriser jusqu'au bout ! -" (This book is part of a work 
of conscientization, the readers should pursue their actions against the 
criminal and the corrupted persons, the leitmotiv being : One must 
deduvalierize to the end)