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7031: Flight from PAP to Santo Domongo

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The current regular air service between PAP and Santo Domingo flies from 
Santo Domingo every morning and from PAP every afternoon.  The name of the 
company in Haiti is Caribintair  it's phone numbers are 
298-3038,3039,3040,3041 and 510-8040.  It has a web site www.Caribintair.com. 
 The name of the company is slightly different in Santo Domingo and the phone 
numbers there are on the web-site.  
There is also a Tropical Airways 256-3626, 3628, 3629.  
The buses are a good alternative they tend to leave Santo Domingo around 
10:00 am.  They are cheaper and you don't pay the airport Tax.  The 2 
companies are called Caribe Tours and Terra Bus.