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7030: Re: #7026 (fwd)

From: Martha VanCise <mvancise@ircc.net>

I'm must take exception to the statement

"a pogrom had been taking place urged by the evangelicals to rid Haiti of
Houngans under the guise that all were really Macoutes-- if I recall
correctly perhaps a thousand Houngans had perished under this vendetta."

Evangelicals do try to evangelize houngans (that is change their religious
beliefs), but  they do not urge pogroms, or support vendettas. People may
have blamed evangelicals for the killings, but one of the foundational
evangelical beliefs is "loving our neighbors as ourselves."      Honest
observers can see the evidence of this love for all people in Haiti
(including houngans), if they will take time to observe the work of the
evangelicals rather than listen to unfounded rumors.

Martha VanCise