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Re: West Billon: Pat Liston adds and give a web site for map (fwd)

From: John Corbett <corbettj@swbell.net>

About the filming of White Palace!
    I brought my kids up to watch the filming of White Palace behind Denny's
Restaurant on West Billon.  Kenny Hartlage sold the property to the
producers in turn for them tearing down the house and putting in a driveway
that went back to his garage where he stores his old firetruck.  His office
is next to the house they tore down.  If you remember the movie, there was a
Dogtown Sticker on the icebox and the house looked trashy.  There was a
scene when actor James Spader drove Susan Sarandon home there and ran over
the curbside mailbox in his Volvo.  They rehersed that scene for at least 30
takes because he could not look drunk enough!  It was about three in the
morning and of course my kids were home and I was there with a few of my
buddies after the taverns closed and some of my friends could have played
that scene perfectly!  Finally Susan had the idea to get Spader to turn
around about twenty times in the street and get dizzy, he did and then she
put him the car and got back out an d fell in the street.  The director said
"it's a wrap" and they used that scene in the movie.  Both Susan Sarandon
and James Spader came over to the crown who let out a big Dogtown cheer for
the performers and were very cordial and friendly to all of us.
    The filming continued a few days later at a different Dogtown location.
They filming a scene at a house on the Louisville just south of Dale about 4
houses up the hill on the west side of the street.  Steve Souris  (1948
Golden Goves Mo. Champion of the Dogtown Stars) who lived on the S-W Corner
of Louisville and Dale was watching them film and he was approached to be in
the movie.  He ended up playing a part of a Deli-employee who was sweeping
the street in front of his store in New York City, but they filmed his part
in the Central West End!
    The movie caused some concern among the neighborhood people but it
turned out just fine and I enjoyed the film especialy seeing Steve Souris

John Corbett